About Wesellonline

The ancient forms of art that was practiced by our grandmothers and great grandmothers has been over the years fading off. The curtains and the major artefacts at our home which were once made by them have become not only a treasure but hard to reciprocate. Woman on mother Earth had not only the excellent ability to multitask but also had known many traits of art be it decorating the house, making sumptuous food, creating meagre income through various kinds of part times which included lots of artwork, etc.

We realised a huge need of creating a global platform for the rural artisans to exhibit their enormous talent. Be it creating various decorating art pieces, knitting, stitching, cooking, writing, tailoring, designing, handicrafts, jewellery, clothes, confectionary, and the list goes on. Though the woman are acquainted in giving a shape to their thoughts and creating amazing products, there was a dearth in getting them promoted to the large group of people and so is the Wesellonline.org online portal. It is a Marketing Platform for all the Enterprising Woman in the world to showcase and display their Art work. It is a common platform for multiple woman to display their products and improve their selling.

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